How I learned game development + 7 tips for your game dev journey

The syntax is a little wonky in spots, but not in a way that makes the text-based tutorials hard to understand. Counter-Strike, Diablo 2, Doom–essentially if it is a AAA gaming title, the creators used C++ at some point during the development process. Games always want to run as fast as possible, and games made with C++ are looking exactly for that.

  • Once you have established the concept, the next step is to design the game.
  • The C++ language allows for a process called “dynamic memory allocation.” This gives the developer much more control over how much memory is being used by their code, as well as system resources.
  • It is a compiled language, instead of an interpreted coding language, which makes it nearly as fast as the computer’s speed itself.
  • Unity, Unreal, and Frostbyte were all created using C++ game programming.
  • Additionally, C++ is a language with a vast library of support, which makes it easy for developers to find the necessary resources to create their games.

Because of its flexibility and its similarity to machine code, C++ is excellent for optimizing performance, which is crucial in the context of gameplay. There are many great resources available online to help you learn C++ game programming. Some of the most popular include tutorial websites, online courses, books, and video tutorials. Additionally, there are many helpful communities online where you can ask questions and get answers from experienced game developers. It is important to understand the fundamentals of C++ before attempting to create a game, such as variables, data types, functions, and control statements.

Learn by Examples

It also allows developers to create games that can run on multiple platforms, including mobile devices and consoles. No matter your ambition, you’ll have to accept that you’re just not going to cover all the bases that go into developing a game. You simply can’t master modeling, art, sound, animation, and physics programming. But if you want to be an effective contributor to game projects soon, you should narrow your focus and specialize. When I was learning, what helped me the most was just picking a focus area. If both of these roles sound equally appealing, you could also explore the in-between role of being a Technical Artist.

how to learn c++ for game development

I’d been learning various aspects of game development since I was 15 years old, but it wasn’t until my gap year that I discovered the benefit of taking one step at a time. When I decided the first rung I needed was the basics of learning C++, I was able to learn much more effectively. That strategy followed me once I got to learning the game-specific skills as well.


Collaborative coding offers numerous advantages in software development. Additionally, it improves communication, accountability, and code consistency, leading to more efficient and successful projects. In this article, we will explore the possibilities of learning C++ by developing games. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, the resources available, and the types of games you can make.

how to learn c++ for game development

On top of that, of the 20 computers in our computer lab, only ten would turn on. Of those ten, only five weren’t completely riddled with viruses (imagine sharing that between classmates). You’ll learn how this simplifies programming for games and how inheritance can avoid code duplication. how to learn c++ for game development As you gain experience, you’ll feel more confident about designing more complex games to add to your portfolio. You do need to be computer literate, but you don’t need to have programming experience. Game programming in C++ tutorials over at Tutorials Point seem pretty solid.

JetBrains Academy’s New Projects and Topics: October Update

Once you have your foot in the door, it’s much easier to find the right people to talk to about moving into game development. But, if you’ve had experience as a developer, or have any C++ game coding experience, this video could be a great refresher–and you might even learn some new things on the way. While reviewing the products on the market, these are the factors we found to indicate the best experience (and often the most forward-thinking one). There are also adjacent categories like code review tools that support code collaboration workflows. But we’ll leave apps for managing the meta-work around coding for another piece. Real-time responsiveness is essential in frantic multiplayer games.

After receiving my final rejection letter, I instantly applied for a Master’s at the American University of Armenia (AUA). After New Years of that year, I started my first non-Flash game project. It never turned into a game, but it was the first major project I started.

Practice coding in Java by writing a game

But video games are just numbers, and a computer only does what you tell it to do. You have to program the physics so that say, if you put an item on a table, it stays on the table instead of sinking through. When I graduated with my degree, I felt unprepared to enter the game development industry. I had a few obsolete languages under my belt, and only some of the basics of C++. The game development field offers seemingly endless possibilities and opportunities to build immersive, interactive experiences that captivate players worldwide. C++ has stark advantages for game development when it comes to ensuring high performance.

You can find well-known libraries that can speed up your development whether you’re wanting to perform physics simulations, produce amazing images, or control intricate game logic. Although C++ can be integrated for special performance-critical applications, C# is Unity’s primary scripting language. Due to its flexibility, developers can use C and C++ when appropriate while still making use of C#’s ease of use in other areas of game creation.

C C++ and Its Power in Game Development

Document your code clearly with comments and docstrings, and conduct automated testing with libraries like unittest or pytest. Agree upon coding standards and enforce them with linters like flake8. Issue tracking systems such as GitHub Issues or JIRA help manage tasks, and consider occasional pair programming sessions for complex problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

Still, learning Flash wasn’t a waste – in fact, it helped me in a lot of ways later in my journey to work in game development. If you want to learn game development, it’s a dynamic industry full of opportunities. There are many paths to take, and I think it’s important to find one that works for you. There will be a lot you’ll discover along your journey, and I’ll share what I learned in hopes that it’ll help you reach your dream career. In addition to these techniques, many debugging tools are available to game developers within integrated development environments (IDEs). For example, Unity’s debugger, Visual Studio’s debugger, and various profiling tools can help identify performance issues as they are happening in real time.

Is C++ the Perfect Language for Game Programming?

A neat feature involves the practice examples featured in the tutorials. There’s a “Try It” option in the majority of the C++ example boxes. When you click on that, it brings up an in-browser window with the complete C++ code from the example on top and the executed code on the bottom. It’s a missing article here or there, or an inverted phrasing–the kinds of slipups that come with learning English as a second language, and getting pretty dang close to mastering it. It is a compiled language, instead of an interpreted coding language, which makes it nearly as fast as the computer’s speed itself.

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